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how pyramids were made.

how pyramids were made.

Explanation writing – how pyramids were built

  1. Finish these sentences:
              Pyramids are…made out of wood and stone also sand.  Ancient Egyptians used pyramids to…pharaohs and their queens.the pharaohs were buried in pyramids known today ancient egypt

  1. Finish these sentences:
              To build pyramids, firstly…blocks and stone and after that king.and the queen move in to the pyramids.
              After that...pyramids
              Then…then they build more.pyramids
              Once that was finished….the year went pass and it to the repeated  over again
              After that…it was the same.
              Finally…they took 20 years

  1. Read back through your work to check that it makes sense.

  1. Draw pictures to show how pyramids were built. Colour these pictures in nicely.



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Name grace

Draw a picture of some pyramids.
Image result for pyramids

A pyramid looks like a triangle

Pyramids are made from   the king and the queen_

People made pyramids by sand, water, rope.

Draw a picture of people making a pyramid.
Image result for people making pyramids

Can you make a pyramid using multilink cubes?yes

What else could you make a pyramid from?cement

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Friday, 23 February 2018

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life jackets

we are learning to use life jackets in a safety way and who created them and when they where created.and knowing that some where heavy.And created by good people.

how to prevent yourself from getting sick.