Friday, 24 March 2017

all about tui.

       1. tui birds like this are really cool they have blue  wings like a butterfly do when there fly over people they are really nice and they like to sit on other birds nest. they like most staff they are really impressed by most by sea birds they really enjoy to play they live in forests and they live in trees and they are 100 years of age most of them.and that all i have for today...

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  1. Great work Grace! The picture of the tui is great such an amazing colour. I like how you have included a lot of information and have tried to use commas in your sentences. Did you find out any other interesting facts about the tui? Keep up the good work and remember to use your full stops, Miss Parrant.

  2. kia ora Grace
    My name is Aone and I go to south hornby school and i like bird do you